Concierge Services

We are at your service.

Purchasing a second home in Cape Cod can be a dream come true. Maintaining a second home can be challenging. The HomeWatch Companies Inc. is here to make home ownership worry free. We strive to have everything properly prepared and ready for your arrival, giving you time to enjoy your time on vacation.

Need that empty fridge filled with healthy food awaiting your arrival? Need a greeter for handyman services, Comcast installation, or appliance delivery services? Not able to drive out to drive out just for that little maintenance call? Don’t worry about it anymore! On top of offering professional home watch services, our team of experts also offers concierge services.
They include, but are not limited to:

• Opening your home for deliveries
• Meeting your hired services, such as cable/internet and telephone repair
• Cleaning your home
• Making sure all your linens are clean and fresh for your arrival
• Setting the internal temperature to meet your personal comfort
• Turning water off / on
• Restoring electric, cable services
• Opening / closing the pool
• Getting that fish pond up and running.
• Ridding the outdoor shower of pesky spiders
• Filling the fridge in advancement of your arrival

homewatch concierge services

• Stocking you pantry
• Arranging for dinner with a private chef, even with your favorite bottle of wine
• Picking you up / driving to airport
• Finding you and your family tickets to events / outings
• Putting out or returning lanai furniture
• Referrals

Relax! You have nothing more to worry about with the concierge service of The HomeWatch Companies Inc. on your side. The answer here is always “Yes!” and we take all measures to ensure that when you arrive at your second home, you truly feel as though you are at home.

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